482. Songs From the Savior


Released in the same year and sounding as though they truly were meant to be released together, Song From the Savior combine to create the debut from one of the most important and influential artists of the Jesus Music era. Later releases would showcase Clark’s wonderful rock, jazz and progressive stylings, but these two releases are decidedly acoustic and folky.

These album were important in the burgeoning Jesus Music scene for they possessed very strong production values and legitimate instrumentation and arrangements. There is real artistry presented here. Most notable, though, may be the first “Christian Wedding” song, Let Us Climb This Hill Together. Clark would pen another classic 70’s wedding song, “Woman; The Man That I Love (Medley).”

Clark has made his entire catalog available on CD.


  1. don
    March 31, 2011 at 1:43 am

    Volume 1 was nice – I like it a lot, soft meaningful folk. But Volume II was very good – the whole album is not to be missed! Reminds me of Harvest era Neil Young!

    Come Into His Presence is pretty darn good as well. All three albums available from Paul in one set (Volume 1: 1970-74)

    Volume 2: 1975-1979 contains the classic Good To Be Home – reviewed elsewhere on this list. Also Hand to the Plow and Change in the Wind – albums more jazzy than my tastes go for, but still some appealing songs. Well worth the investment.

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