494. The Chosen Ones – PID



Preachas In Disguise. Long before the current crop of rappers even knew what a mic, beatbox or sampling was there two (and later three) guys were the first truly legit rap act in CCM. Michael Peace and Stephen Wiley were predecessors, but there was nothing like PID when they hit scene. Legit. Aggressive. Real.

The line-up was primarily Fred Lynch and Barry G. Later Lynch’s brother would join the group for what are considered their best including The Chosen Ones. They soon thereafter disbanded when the brother (K-mack) joined the Nation of Islam. Lynch and G. would also record several solo projects and stay in Christian ministry.

Fitting nicely into a Run-DMC style, this album fused some rock, hip hop, rap and sampling into a great introduction into the world of Christian Rap.


  1. Dave H
    October 20, 2010 at 3:53 am

    Last time I heard, Fred Lynch and his wife were on staff with Josh McDowell’s ministry and still serving strong as youth leaders. We used to support the Lynches and got a monthly newsletter but that was years ago. Great people.

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