474. Bird in a Golden Sky – Karen Lafferty


Karen Lafferty

Lafferty could have lived off the fact that she was the author of “Seek Ye First,” possibly the most famous worship chorus ever penned. But Lafferty separated herself from most of the artists in the Maranatha Music fold by writing significantly more “artistic” compositions. Still very “Christian” in content Lafferty was one of the very best songwriters of the era as her descriptive pictures of faith are displayed in her first solo project discussed here.

If there were consistent Christian radio charts in the early 70’s the title track would have owned them. The beautiful description of freedom found in Biblical faith as being like a bird flying in a golden sky.

Lafferty would spend her entire adult life in ministry with YWAM traveling, teaching and ministering. She would record a few more albums throughout the 70’s and 80’s but none would possess the imagery, beauty and strength of this original debut.

  1. December 2, 2012 at 3:10 am

    Dave……HUGE props for including this. I was able to spend some time at dinner and lunch in, 07 with Karen when she appeared at the very first CMS “Songwriters in the Round” on the Friday night of our CMS conference that year. We gave her the very first “Roby Duke Creative Life” award. Boy was she great. Never tired of her stories of YWAM over the years.

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