475. Nobody Special – Nobody Special


Nobody Special

Real punk rock. Joey “Ojo” Taylor’s (Undercover) little brother went by the name of Pat Nobody with a band called Nobody Special whose debut release was called entitled Nobody Special and was produced by older brother Ojo. There is something about the name Taylor and Christian Music that just screams quality – Ojo, Steve, Terry Scott and Pat!

Nepotism and redundancy aside, this album just plain kicked ass! Fast, hard, heavy and one of the finest punk deliveries in Christian Music. Ironically Pat formed the band, Nobody Special, right after the album was released by Frontline records. The original “band” that recorded the project along with Pat included Ojo Taylor (Undercover), Gene Eugene (Adam Again), Chris Birgandi (The Lifters) and others from the OC Christian music “cool scene.”

I remember seeing the band Immortal Youth a few times playing around the LA and OC Christian punk scene in the early 80’s with bands like Undercover and the Lifesavors and remembering that I thought they were really cool. I did not find out until many years later that Pat was in that band as well. They (he) would only record two albums and that is a true loss to the industry that could have used many more.

  1. November 14, 2010 at 5:05 pm

    Loved the analog tape out of this thing. My favorite game was to frustrate my mother’s tattered nerves by answering her honestly when she shouted over the music, “Who are you listening to??!”

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