458. Snappy – Hokus Pick

SNAPPY (1997)

Hokus Pick

Easily the funniest band I ever saw live. Sometimes I wonder if the humor lead the audience to believe they weren’t as exceptional musicians and songwriters that they were. Snappy, one of their last albums was their best and proved they could write and play with the best of them. On Snappy the band reached into several different genres from pop/ska to U2 styled driving modern rock.

The album also contains their biggest, “I’m So Happy” from whence the album got its title and was accompenied by one of the best low budget music videos ever. It also happens to be an extremely well developed song and utterly misunderstood as despite its uber-bright demeanor it was, in actuality, a stinging indictment against the syrupy, unrealistic content of most Christian music. Oddly, because it was clearly misunderstood it actually became a HUGE hit.

The whole album is incredible strong the ridiculously hysterical 1is a must hear!5 minute hidden track “audio theatre”


  1. August 13, 2011 at 10:42 pm

    Phenom album. Some of the catchiest writing in Christendom.

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