453. Walk on the Wild Side


Scott Blackwell

This little album is as important and genre busting as just about any other similar “first” album in CCM history. It’s also vitally important because it is a true rarity in that not only was it the “first” in the genre but remains clearly one of the best. And for it’s time it wasn’t even close.

Incredible beats, samples, mixes, vocals. And deep within each song is a very vital, relevant and authentic message. Temptation, the lie of “sex education,” and the supremacy of Christ are just a few messages that are littered throughout the beat and sampled sermonettes.

One stand out that never loses its freshness is “My King.” Built upon a great jazz/funk groove is the famous “Seven Way King” sermon by Dr. S M Lockridge. Somehow, and it is the genius of Scott Blackwell, the song remains hip, cool and authentic despite being just a sermon set to music.

The album also introduced Christian Music to Lakita, who would later have an album released on Scott Blackwell’s own label. His N-Soul label would also create the very popular Nitro Praise techno/dance worship music line.


  1. Brian
    October 15, 2010 at 2:15 pm

    MY KING is one of the best songs Scott Blackwell ever put out.
    Love it!

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