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455. Way Before the Flood – Black Eyed Sceva


Black Eyed Sceva

The great band with the odd little name debuted in 1995 when the world was filled with punk rock and hardcore metal with a melodic acoustic driven alternative rock for the thinking man. In the vein of Toad the Wet Sprocket and The Police, the music and lyrics were original, smart and creative; nearly a death penalty in some Christian music circles.

Song topics dealt with death, divorce, homosexuality, ecumenicism, AIDS and more. The music was also not easy to define and did not sit well within the three minute, verse chorus, bridge chorus, fade structure. Instrumentation and vocal melodies would intertwine to create something completely different and original.

The name was taken from the book of Acts where the sons of Sceva attempted to cast out demons in the name of Jesus and Paul, but got a butt whooping for their troubled…”Jesus I know, Paul I’ve heard of…”

The bad would record an EP under this moniker before changing the name of the band to Model Engine and recording one more album before disbanding. A short life for a band but one worthy of consideration. A definite AYSO.

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