449. Do I Stand Alone – Mike Stand


Mike Stand

Mike Stand, primary songwriter and frontman for perennial Southern California Christiana punk rock band The Altar Boys grabbed an acoustic guitar and put the lyrics in the forefront in this incredible debut solo project, Do I Stand Alone.

Though early on the Altar Boys has more of a Ramones style punk sound their music progressed and matured to a borderline combination of heavier U2 and Springsteenesque Americana rock n roll. On “Do I Stand Alone” Stand explores in greater depth the Americana rock n roll with an acoustic bent. As a result the lyrics take center stage and Stand reveals himself to be an strong, authentic and formidable wordsmith.

The title track is lyrically the one song that sounds like it would fit in with the Altar Boys repertoire of passionate anthems but with the acoustic flair sounds closer to something from The Alarm’s “Declaration.” The haunting “Dear God” is one of Stands finer moments is a beautiful example of the power of simplicity.

Stand’s follow up solo project had more of an electric feel and is also worthy or tracking down, but DISA remains the finer project and is most definitely an AYSO.

  1. Liz
    March 29, 2011 at 12:06 am

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Mike Stand and the Altar Boys. Since I’m reading your older posts first…I can only HOPE that Gut Level Music is included on your list!

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