436. Vision – Chris Eaton

VISION (1986)

Chris Eaton

One of the most important British imports to Christian music, Chris Eaton began his CCM career as a member of the band LYRIX with friend Mark Williamson. He stayed with the band as they changed their name to the Mark Williamson Band, but soon left to seek a songwriting and solo music career. His arrangement of “Little Town of Bethlehem” has been covered by Cliff Richard, Michael W Smith and Amy Grant. He also had songs recorded by Russ Taff, Susan Ashton and Margaret Becker.

Eaton’s first solo record, Vision was a revelation of great blue eyed soul pop music infused with contemporary dance styles. This album would musically influence the world of CCM for the next few years including Russ Taff and Amy Grant as their musical style reflected similar style. In fact, the title track would become a hit for Taff on his monstrously popular Medals album.

Great keyboard driven pop rock and sentimental ballads, very reminiscent of country mate Cliff Richard. Chris has gone on to a great and lengthy career as an artist and songwriter. In fact I saw him last year on tour with Amy Grant on her “Lead Me On” reunion tour and he was a good as ever.

  1. Greenchili
    March 8, 2011 at 9:49 am

    From what I heard he was going thru a divorce when this album was created. I also remember my sister playing “When My Heart Breaks” alot when she was temporarily seperated from her husband. He has also penned songs for Amy Grant (“Everywhere I Go”), Sheila Walsh (“Alpha Omega”), and Morgan Cryar (“We Call it Love” and I think “Stay With The One You Love”). All no doubtidly pop tunes.

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