438. Momentum – TobyMac



If there was any doubt as to how the “white guy that rapped in DC Talk” would do without his comrades Michael Tait and Kevin “Max” Smith, the answer was given IN A BIG WAY with the release of Momentum. Three of T-Mac’s projects make this list and the fourth just missed out and could have easily been included.

Filled with samples, guests appearances, killer grooves, unforgettable melodies, top notch performances and an unstoppable energy, Momentum blew the doors wide open in the world of urban, hip-hop music with a tip of the hat to rock as well. Amidst the amazing rpoduction values and busy arrangements are some amazingly well written songs.

Get This Party Started, Irene and the title track all take CCM to a different level. The debut of his son, Tru-Dog, is a delight that has been continued on each progressive project. The highlight on the album (and live) may just be “Love Is In the House.” Quite frankly, there are really no dogs on the project.

  1. Greenchili
    March 8, 2011 at 9:41 am

    Never liked this album as much as his other releases, but alot of these songs do sound great in live format (see his recent Alive and Transported) album.

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