440. Grace Shaker – LSU


L.S.U. (Lifesavers Underground)

There is always this running debate as to which LSU record is the best. The answer may just be…all of them!

Each one is consistently phenomenal and unique unto itself. Creative, compelling, painful and praiseworthy. Mike Knott shows up again on this last as he will many more time simply because he remains one of only a handful of artists in CCM where the label of genius is not some false flattery, but might possibly be an understatement.

Out of the ashes of the Lifesavers (not really, I just think Mike likes to screw with people) came LSU, and with Grace Shaker we are given a glimpse into what was to become the Aunt Bettys. Mellower and, at times, more introspective and personal than other “band” projects, Grace Shaker contains some of Knott’s finest moments.

The albums opening acoustic opener, Double, deals with the average Christians struggle with everyday life, including marriage and parenting. “I Take the Blame” remains a personal favorite and its beautifully haunting acoustic melody and distant sounding vocals and prominent piano. The album contains more experimenting with percussive rhythms then previous projects and makes it stand out as so completely different then other projects from Knott.

I do want to add that Mike Knott may be the most under-appreciated guitar player in Christian alternative music. Those who have seen him live and who pay close attention to work on his projects really do recognize this fact, thoughon this album much of the credit goes to the outrageous guitar playing of Andrew Carter.

If you do not own this album, this is more than just an AYSO. In fact, I have a friend that determines the quality of the individual based on whether they own this album or not. That may not be fair, but I do see his point.

  1. Shawn McLaughlin
    October 14, 2010 at 1:31 am

    My favorite Knott album.

  2. Greenchili
    March 24, 2011 at 6:35 am

    Have not listened to this album yet but I did listen to their album “Shaded Pain”.. I really like their sound. Might take a few listens for me to decide what I think of them overall.

  3. Greenchili
    May 14, 2011 at 11:02 am

    OK I think I can safely say I’m a fan now.. 🙂

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