441. My Own Prison – Creed



If nothing else Creed’s debut release “My Own Prison” may have the greatest success to cost ratio in the history of music. The album cost about $6,000 to produce and sold over 6,000,000 copies! That’s right, 6 million copies of an album produced by a band that music snobs and rockers claimed they never liked. There are a lot liars in the world.

C’mon, let’s be honest. We all bought this album and loved it when it came out. We were ahead of the curve and discovered the band early and wore the damn thing out. The first time we heard “Torn” we knew we had to figure out who the band was and got to a Tower records before the song faded out.

Yeah, Scott Stapp sounds like he’s gargling razor blades while channeling Eddie Vedder and he plain sucks as a solo artists. Who cares? For at least two amazing records the band kicked us on the side of the head with heavy and ridiculously melodic hard rock. At the same time Stapp wrote some very stunning spiritually laced angst with a troubled soul, especially the title track. And when the band meshed in unison and soared like in songs like “one” there was no better band in the owrld…at least for 5 minutes and 2 seconds.

I learned a long time ago to get past my snobbish friends “musical purity” and “artistic snobbery” to enjoy a seriously good musical ass kicking like all while experiencing the emotional struggle of Stapp’s inner turmoil.

I still like it!

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