442. Phenomenon – Thousand Foot Krutch


Thousand Foot Krutch

I remember working for Diamante in the late 90’s and we kept hearing about DJ Dove’s label releasing a progressive rap/core/funk/punk band from Toronto called TFK (Thousand foot Krutch). It was seemingly endlessly delayed. I stopped working for Diamante by the time the album hit the shelves.

A few years later a friends of mine that works for Tooth and nail mentioned that they had signed Thousand Foot Krutch and sent me an early release copy. I was blown away and still today, some 8 years later I am still blown away by just how good of record this follow up release is.

Where the debut fused the rap and nu metal genres with punk rock Phenomenon is straight ahead Nu Metal with lead singer Trevor McNevan’s melodic and rhythmic vocals on top of impressive groove based hard rock. The album sold a TON! The album also contains their concert favorite “Rawkfist” that has been heard on just about every sports program on ESPN.

What sets TFK apart from their contemporaries is their very strong sense of melody. This does not sit well with the more “authentic” hard music fan, but this has allowed a wider and more general acceptance of the band amongst Youth Pastors as well as the kids. Another aspect that causes the band to stand out is the ability to write a great ballad. “This is a Call” stands out not only as a great ballad by a heavy band, but a great song by any band.


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