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403. Adventures of the OC Supertones – OC Supertones



Wish for Eden’s “Pet the Fish” may have been the album that started it for Tooth and Nail and MxPx was the first band to break huge for the label, but it would be a ska band from Orange County, CA called the OC Supertones that would make Tooth and nail “respectable” in CCM circles. Before this album Tooth and Nail was seen as the cool label that made great music for “kids” but never a threat to the likes of Newsboys, Audio Adrenaline and DC Talk until the Supertones came along.

The Supertones took their fun and family friendly punk/ska into previously uncharted areas like Dove Award nominations and headlining tours. I remember being at festival with their road manager working their merchandise table just a few months after this album released and their line was twice as long as the more established bands and the merchandise they were selling was blowing the other bands our of the water, and it wasn’t even close.

Lyrically safe and and very evangelical there was no question as to the message behind the band. King of like ska-worship. Their songwriter would quickly mature over the next few albums as they were being heavily influenced  by theological heavyweights like RC Sproul and Greg Bahnsen.

But for “Adventures” it was all about relating to kids, singing about Jesus and worshiping God. the joy and party atmosphere of the music perfectly coincided with the music and the CCM world was hooked!

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