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412. Good to Be Home – Paul Clark & Friends


Paul Clark & Friends

If ever the added artist inclusion of :friends” even meant anything it was on Paul Clark’s classic rock and roll album “Good to Be Home.” The Phil Keaggy factor is HUGE here including his inclusion as the lead vocalist on the opening track. Keaggy’s guitar work is also all over the album. And it’s some of Phil’s rockier work as in comparison to his own albums released at the same time.

For 1975 this was pretty progressive. Hammond organ riffs jettisoning back and forth with Keaggy’s fantastic fret work. Also included amongst the friends are Jay Truax and John Mehler from Love Song. The allcollaborated on this album and the “band” feel really shows.

“Unveiling” may be one of Clark’s most impressive and compelling songs. Clocking in at just under seven minutes this song truly allows Keaggy to shine, not just in the fancier fret work or scorching leads but in creating ambiance and atmosphere for this epic. This may have been CCM’s earliest foray into progressive rock sounding like a more jazz influenced Kansas number.

I once asked several “Jesus Music” experts if they could only own one of Paul Clark’s classic albums, which one would it be. The response was unique in that many stated that though they didn’t believe “Good to Be Home” to be Clark’s finest work, the majority stated it would be the one to own. That says a lot about how often in Jesus Music and CCM the heart of an album can impact ones perception as much as the artistic value.

  1. Don
    April 6, 2011 at 1:19 pm

    Great album – should have been under 100 – in my humble opinion

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