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413. Love is Against the Grain – Dime Store Prophets


Dime Store Prophets

Is the a band from the mid-1990’s that recorded greater guitar hooks than the ones found on Love is Against the Grain? Maakai Liu provided killer hooks to accentuate Justin Stevens’ sexy, serious and earnest vocals. There is never a moment though where melody and groove are sacrificed.

The band only released two projects and it is much to the listener’s detriment. Great music coupled with authentic and insightful lyrics are a rare commodity. It should be noted that this is a common theme that runs throughout these entire 500 projects. Much of the finest music in CCM was sorely neglected. Such is the case here.

Stevens remains one of the finest vocalists of his era as too few reach the believability level he does, especially on some of the slower tunes like “Hitler’s Girlfriend” and “Baby’s Got a New Dress.” It should be clearly noted here that the “slower” tunes does not mean less aggressive or passionate.

Other standouts include Feels Like Rain, Love Song and the title track. As a salesman for Diamante Music at the time there were certain records that each of would champion and do whatever it took to see them gain traction. I believe this one was clearly a universally loved project by the entire company and it only made things frustrating to see it not retain the success it clearly deserved. It is most definitely an AYSO.

Justin Stevens (now Dillon) has also directed an impressive documentary/movie called Call+Response that combines artistic soul, blues and world music artists with a sounding alarm in regards to the disgusting reality of Human Sex Trafficking.  I cannot recommend the movie enough as it is disturbing and compelling and all too necessary.

  1. Shawn McLaughlin
    October 30, 2010 at 7:19 pm

    There are two versions of this CD and I think it is the indie that omitted “Baby’s Got a New Dress”. Can’t really remember. The two songs you mention are both terrific.

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