414. It’s Pronounced Five Two – KJ-52



KJ-52 (and yes, it is pronounced five-two) has been of of CCM’s most successful rap artists with very strong sales, moderate CHR radio success (unheard actually) and several successful tours with top Christian acts. He is also respected for his skills and applauded for his wonderful self-depreciating sense of humor.

Some mistake his style for being similar to another famous white rapper, Eminem, but the only thing they share is the amount of melanin in their skin. Though a great irony is that two of KJ’52’s most popular songs are about ol’ “Slim Shady.”

On the previous release he recorded “Dear Slim” and it became a huge radio hit. “Pronounced” does a new version of the song which tells the story how the song changed so many people’s lives. The reason for the success of these songs is the general pop sounding style rather than his more natural aggressive style.

Humor does play a major part in his content, both lyrically and in the non-musical segues on his albums. This has endeared him to the CCM crowd that has been hesitant until recently to embrace his style of music.

This release did earn KJ-52 a Dove Award and most recently he was recorded the “rap” on the Newsboys version of “Jesus Freak.”

  1. Mike Sandlin
    October 31, 2010 at 6:24 pm

    I actually grew up with Jonah. I helped him get started, selling his demos, setting up shows, putting him on the same gig as MxPx and Ninety Pound Wuss… Anyway, I never…NEVER thought he would make it big. I always thought he was really cheesy. I lost touch with him over the years and one day while in a Christian bookstore I see his face all over the place. I was shocked! I’m proud of him for sticking with it. I still think he’s cheesy though.

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