416. Drivin’ Wheels – Ed Raetzloff


Ed Raetzloff

The great mystery that is Ed Raetzloff. After recording two secular albums with some band called Blue Jug, Ed recorded two amazing albums for the Christian market and then…disappeared. Both albums are serious AYSO and contain some of the best, blazin’ blues guitar and southern rock.

Drivin’ Wheels may be the mellower of the two, but by no means mellow, and contains a wonderful version of “People Get Ready” that is a strong as any version of this oft covered song. “For You” is another great mid-tempo bluesy tune that fits with the best of Eric Clapton or Steve Winwood.

But it’s the rockers that just bust out through the speakers. Keep the Big Wheels Turning, Drivin’ Wheels and This New Love show a guitar prowess unseen elsewhere in CCM at the time. This album is for fans of Bob Seger, Eric Clapton, Lynard Skynard and 38 Special. Great blues, great rock, great message.

  1. July 18, 2014 at 7:05 pm

    One of the finest pair of Albums I have ever owned, and I paid to have them converted to MP3 over a decade ago because they were just absolutely worth the price.

    I actually love the first one better than this one, but both of them have their strengths.

    And both ablums are on my IPod to this day. A must own LP if ever there was one.

    And sad, so sad that I am the only person to comment here on this amazing and beautiful and incredible piece of early Jesus Rock.

    Ed — wherever you turned up in life — Thank you for these two records. They were …. refreshing. And they still resonate with my heart to this day.

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