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418. Kim Boyce – Kim Boyce

KIM BOYCE (1986)

Kim Boyce

I was working at Maranatha Village in Southern California when one of my record reps came into the store with the beautiful, young future pop star in tow, along with her manager. This was quite some time before the first Kim Boyce album came out, but I was given a tape with a few songs that would end up on the self-titled debut of this former Miss Florida.

The CCM market was longing for anything to appeal to tween and young adults infatuated at the time with Madonna and the like. Anything fun, attractive and had a beat you could dance to was pushed into the market as the next big thing. Boyce, originally saddled with the label as the Christian Madonna (anyone see the irony in that title?), but was quickly able to set her own mark. Besides, she was much closer in style to Debbie Gibson anyway.

The debut was pure pop and contained a mountain of hits. The ballad, “Here,” was a number one hit that lasted on the charts for quite some time. Also of note is the album closer, “How Will They Remember.” The strength in these songs is that they allowed Boyce to show a musical depth beyond the synthesized vocals and programmed dance beats that much the album employed.

It should be noted that the dance songs were current for the pop world at the time and were not the embarrassing copy cat attempts the industry had previously foisted upon the CCM buying public. Also, the manager mentioned previously also managed the band, The Call, at the same time and it was through meeting Boyce and him that I was able to meet and spend some time in the studio with The Call!


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