421. Growing Pain – Jamie Owens (Collins)


Jamie Owens

Before getting married and adding the “Collins” to her name Jamie Owens released to classic Jesus Music albums, “Laughter In Your Soul” and the one discussed here, “Growing Pains.” The sheer joy exuberance of the debut is more subdued and a sense of a maturing artist arises on the sophomore release.

Owens’ famous father, Jimmy Owens, was a household name among Youth Choir members as his many musicals brought a much more contemporary feel to Church Music than most anything else in that market. The Witness, If My people and Come Together were performed countless times by scores of youth choirs around the country.

Birthed from that same sense of creating music for mass appeal Jamie Owens sweet, yet strong voice shifts between country influenced rockier number and softer ballads with a primary focus on Church safe theme of worship and redemption. Think 2nd Chapter of Acts as a solo act.

The album does contain a true classic that is still sung regularly today in “The Victor.” Reminiscent of the aforementioned 2nd Chapter of Acts classic “Easter song,” The Victor also deals with the resurrection in a very classically influenced, big inspirational number. The album is also important in that it was really one of the few at the time that bridged generational gaps as both parents and their kids seem to appreciate her music and musical legacy.

  1. Jerry
    October 14, 2010 at 2:24 pm

    Where is 1. through 420?

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