428. Pet the Fish – Wish for Eden


Wish for Eden

This album was extremely important on many fronts. First off, it was the very first foray into a more grunge style of music for the Christian Music industry. Though hailing from California and not Seattle the band had a decidedly more flannel and angst appeal than anything seen previously.

More importantly, though, was that it was a first that would change the industry as a whole. While working for Diamante Music in early 1994 we were at a sales conference learning about upcoming releases when Bill Conine, owner and President of Diamante, introduce a very young Brandon Ebel. At the time Brandon was just a very cool phone sales rep for the company and no one knew what was to come. Brandon played cuts from Wish for Eden and told us that this would be the first release on a brand new label he was starting called Tooth and Nail.

It was difficult for the reps gathered around the table to believe that anything was to come of this new venture. We had suffered through more than a handful of new and cutting edge labels that disappeared as quickly as they showed up. Any of the reps that claim that they thought Brandon and Tooth and Nail would become what it has is simply lying or just not telling the truth!

But just a few weeks after releasing Pet the Fish we knew. It was selling and selling quite well. Brandon had then as he does today his finger on the pulse of the music industry more than anyone within the confines of Christian music. Pet the Fish would set the tone for everything that was to follow.

But what about the album itself? It rocks! It rocks hard and relentlessly. The album is about as subtle as brick against a pane glass window. The album is testosterone on tape. There’s no pretty radio ballads. The only quiet moments come in the two seconds between each song. And the good news is there is a rumor floating around that the original members have reunited for a new album and tour.

Here’s hoping.

  1. Dave H
    October 20, 2010 at 2:58 am

    Groundbreaking and certainly needs to be included. Brandon was working for me when he was working on setting up Tooth and Nail…did he ever thank me once?

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