432. What I Believe – Squad 5-0


Squad 5-0

Combining two popular 1960’s television shows, Mod Squad and Hawaii 5-0, the band in question blasted on to the Christian music scene on the cool little rockin’ label, Bulletproof. 20 plus songs later the fastest and heaviest “ska” band took the CCM world by storm. Something like a punk version of The Clash or a ska version of Shattered Faith and the Dead Kennedys, the band quickly made a name for itself both live and on record. The only thing that I ever heard in the same ballpark was Operation Ivy.

They would later record albums with better production and bigger marketing budgets but none would match the sheer ferocity and balls to the wall passion of this debut. I do recall quite a bit of controversy surrounding the release, especially in their home state of Georgia for the song, Our State Flag. The song protests the Georgia State flag’s (at that time) tribute to the Confederate Flag and called it a label for racism. Many store refused to carry the album because of it.

One side note: The band seemed to be controversial even when trying not be as their 2000 Tooth and Nail debut release, Bombs Over Broadway, had an album cover that depicted planes flying through downtown New York near the Twin Towers.



  1. August 13, 2011 at 10:32 pm

    I can’t believe I’m the first to comment here. SFO were pioneers of indie rock.

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