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391. She Works Hard For the Money – Donna Summer


Donna Summer

After living the previous decade as the overtly sexual queen of disco Donna Summer entered the 80s experimenting with a few different musical styles and appeared to have lost herself in the wandering. With return to her roots with more of an 80-‘s pop/rock edge, a ferocious vocal delivery and a new born again spirit Donna Summer released one of the biggest albums in her lengthy career entitled “She Works Hard for the Money.”

My little Christian bookstore was probably the second store in the country to carry it after I saw it being sold at MaranathaVillage. I grabbed a copy immediately, both out of fascination and also to see if it was something I could convince my bosses to carry.

Once you get past the often misunderstood innuendo of the opening cut’s title and realized that it actually is a powerful, woman endorsing tribute the rest of the album was an easy fit. “He’s a Rebel” is clearly a testimonial song about her new found faith in the “rebel” Jesus Christ and has a decidedly more rock edge and clearly influenced by producer Michael Omartian.

“Unconditional Love” featured popular reggae sensation “Musical Youth.” The song would later receive a punk remodel when covered by Christian punk/rock band the Altar Boys. Another mainstay in Christian Music circles, Matthew Ward (2nd Chapter of Acts) does a duet on “Love Has a Mind of It’s Own” and, as a result, received some pretty good reception of Christian radio.

Summer would continue to add more Gospel tinged lyrics to future releases but would not match the success or create such an overall realized album of Christian content.


  1. Jacob
    December 2, 2010 at 5:06 pm

    The song “He’s a Rebel” would actually go on to net Donna Summer the first of two consecutive “Best Inspirational Performance” Grammy (the other being for “Forgive Me”; a Reba and Dony McGuire-penned song from the following year’s “Cats Without Claws” album).

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