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396. I’m Not Religious – Scott Wesley Brown


Scott Wesley Brown

On of the few artists to bridge the musical world of Jesus Music and CCM, Scott Wesley Brown brought a distinct and personable, singer-songwriter quality to CCM. Earning his stripes in the world of BJ Thomas, Loggins and Messina and Jim Croce music, SWB is both a master storyteller and balladeer.

Many have credited this album as actually being the spark that ignited CCM. Before this album most of the Contemporary Christian Music fell into the auspices of Jesus Music with limited production budgets and even more limited distribution. SWB was one of the early contemporary artists to find himself heavily promoted to the infant CCM radio world and would remain a favorite for a couple more decades.

This album contains many of SWB’s longest lasting favorites. The title track to a strong country rock ditty that took the popular Jesus People phrase defending themselves against critics of religion by claiming their faith was a relationship not a religion. The album also contain a very sweet cover of “House at Pooh’s Corner” with no real attempt to “Christianize” it.

“I Wish You Jesus” has been one of SWB’s most enduring and endearing songs. The lush string orchestration carries a very sentimental message of love for the lost. I recall it being one of the most popular accompaniment tapes for years as it worked well in a Church setting, especially for altar calls. “Friend,” on the other hand, is directed more at Christians, calling them to live the faith they proclaim.

A young teenaged Steve Camp would appear on the album playing guitar and singing background vocals. He would record his debut a year later and go on to be one of the most influential artists in the history of CCM on many accounts. The world of CCM has had several great albums and a host of important and game changing albums; this one is rare in that it ended up being both.

  1. Greenchili
    March 8, 2011 at 11:15 am

    The nurse at my high school was a big SWB fan..

  2. July 17, 2014 at 2:30 pm

    One of the finest albums of the early Jesus Music era, hands down. I love that Scott Wesley was more than willing to put his money where his mouth was and earnestly participate in the missions work he preached about. While most bands were striving to “Reach the Lost” in America, Scott Wesley was hitting Honduras, Central & South America and beyond to take the Gospel message where it was honestly needed just as much.


    Great album, thanks for posting this one up.

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