386. Waiting for the Rain – James Vincent


James Vincent

Hot off the world renowned success of 1976’s “Space Traveler” James Vincert embrace Christianity and set a distinctly different course than the one he had previously been on. Considered one of the best jazz guitarists of his generation James Vincent would record two very directly Christian album, the first being the one in question.

Because of the immense success of the previous album “Waiting for the Rain” received a very strong distribution (normally lacking for CCM artists) through his mainstream record company. Filled with some amazing jazz and rock tunes with the emphasis on jazz and Vincent’s brilliant guitar work and the Seawind horn section.

Musically in the vein of George Benson or the mellower side of Earth, Wind and Fire with a soulful and rich voice and stellar guitar work. There are two strong radio songs in “What Does It Profit a Man” and “People of the World.” I remember working at KYMS radio some five to 10 years later and still playing these two songs.

But really it is the more obscure and less commercial songs that make the album so amazing. Resistance is a progressive jazz piece with limited vocal and several changes throughout while the guitar in Daniel, Daniel will remind many of Keaggy’s guitar styling. How Can I Thank You is a pure delight as Vincent scats over the top of his guitar solo. Though the follow up release, Enter In, may have contained some better and more mature lyrics there is a simplicity and joy to this release that makes it such a treasure.

  1. aarjayaitch
    October 22, 2010 at 12:22 am

    I have a 1982 re-release of this on vinyl. I always wondered who this amazing guy was and why there wasn’t more music from him.

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