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378. Fundamental Elements of Southtown – POD (Payable on Death)


After to very successful independently released projects (Snuff the Punk and Brown), San Diego’s Payable on Death (POD) made their major label debut (Atlantic Records) with Fundamental Elementals of Southtown. And seemingly immediately the rock world stood up and took notice. Though it did not garner the ultimate success of the following release it did set the tabel for what was to come.

POD is an immensely talented quartet of musicians who would expand beyond the normal limitation of Nu Metal and its “rap style” vocals over heavy and aggressive metal music. Combining elements of Latin, World, Hip-Hop and Reggae musics into the sound created an original  sound that helped set POD apart from their peers both in mainstream and Contemporary Christian Music.

The band has always dealt with more “street level” content than most Christian artists as drugs, depression, loneliness, anger and similar topics were common fair. One example was one of the biggest hits from the album, “South Town.” MTV jumped on the video as well as the one from the most popular single, “Rockin’ the Party (Off the Hook).”

The album also contains a very moving, aggressive and heavy cover of U2’s “Bullet the Blue Sky.” The avoids the more subtle U2 approach, with Bono’s nearly mumbled vocals, to even their heavier music and just rocks hard and heavy with a ferocious abandon. Though Satellite would surpass “Southtown,” this album no doubt was what allowed the band to become one of the most successful “crossover” bands ever.

  1. Greenchili
    March 8, 2011 at 11:42 am

    Very good album but it always seemed a little inconsistent in it’s sound overall. But definitely a tween album between their older style and what emerged on “Satellite”.

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