381. Invisible Girl – Julie Miller


Julie Miller

Only one other female artists has as many albums on this list as Julie Miller and that other artists had to do so under two different names. With assistance from her husband, Buddy Miller, Julie Miller has amassed one of the most impressive line-ups of quality albums as nearly any other artist in CCM. She is the amazing singer-songwriter with a little girls voice and an ancient soul of depth and grace.

Invisible Girl continued Miller’s fascination and appreciation for a more country and folk style than the earlier offerings. This is nor more evident than on upbeat “Runaway Heart,” a song sounding something akin to Emmy Lou Harris and one can hear the wonderful Victoria Williams’ input.

But on Invisible Girl it is the somber ballads that Miller truly shines. “In My Eyes” and “I Will Be With You” are stirring and captivating ballads with stark and limited instrumentation. The latter features a wonderful vocal support of Charlie Peacock. But the albums highlight comes in a fabulous cover of the Williams Brother’s classic, “Can’t Cry Hard Enough.” Emotional, evocative and utterly and completely compelling.

One other highlight to mention involved a guest appearance by the amazing and thoroughly enjoyable Irish, Celtic rock band, The Electrics, on “The Back of Your Head.” The Electrics are band worth tracking down and it is just a joy to hear Julie Miller sing with them on the track.

Miller is a talent extraordinaire who has never missed on an album and whose contributions to the more artistic and thought provoking side of CCM cannot be overstated.

  1. Shawn McLaughlin
    October 20, 2010 at 9:50 pm

    Julie is the best. I’ll slightly correct you and call “Can’t Cry Hard Enough” a Marvin Etzioni classic, but The Williams Brothers did have the popular version of it.
    The Williams’ later did a striking cover of Miller’s “Broken Things” on their Harmony Hotel album plus their vocals are prominently featured on T-Bone Burnett’s Proof Through the Night.

    The other cool thing about Julie is the fact that she has one of the world’s finest musicians at her disposal in husband, Buddy. He is an A-list guitarist, singer and Producer who has been named Nashville’s Best musician (by his peers) a handful of times. Yet, when fully healthy, Julie is every bit Buddy’s equal as a musician.

  2. June 17, 2011 at 7:31 pm

    NOW – all the songs in this album are fantastic. My favorite Julie Miller album easily. And I almost left this without buying… Especially I like the songs “In My Eyes”, “At the End of the Road”, and “I Like You”

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