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366. Havalina Rail Co. – Havilina Rail Co.


Havalina Rail Co.

One of the two most unique and interesting (not blind date material) bands, along with Danielson, to ever release an album in Christian Music. They were also really good at what they did, whatever it was they did. Ragtime-rock- folk- funk- Americana- zydeco-bluegrass- jazz- fusion. It’s really that simple.

Each album appears to have been a concept unto itself and the first here I believe the concept is, “let’s find ourselves.” The thing is, despite the eccentricies and ecclecticies, the album really works well together. Smart, funny and a bit twisted, Matt Wignall and crew created something utterly compelling and enjoyable. I was working for Tooth and Nail’s distribution company at the time and remember having stories ask which music section they album was to be placed. I would always answer…all of them.

The first track “Ragtime” is, not surprisingly, a ragtime influenced rockabilly tune. One day is a zydeco laced funky tune with a great hooky chorus that should have been a single. Ah hell, maybe it was. It’s not like Christian radio was going to play anything from this album. “Proportion Thing” is a spoken word ditty sound like something from a “noir” film with the image of a smoke filled office of a slimy private investigator forefront in the listeners mind…at least this listener.

And those are just the first three songs!

I have found it amazing how many people told me how they hated the album when it came out that now, 15 years later, rave about it! Hey, maybe there’s hope for Carman?



  1. Alex
    October 17, 2011 at 6:28 pm

    This is a good one, but for my money, Russian Lullabyes, on the band’s own Jackson Rubio label, is probably their best overall realization of the musical vision.

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