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370. More Than Friends – Ernie and Debby Rettino


Ernie and Debby Rettino

One of the most important and long term artist relationships in Christian music is that of Ernie and Debby Rettino, and for some very unique reasons. After Debby’s solo project was released she began writing and performing with long time friend Ernie Rettino.

Their first album was called “Friends” and was an instant favorite in the Calvary Chapel/Jesus Music world. Two albums later with the release of this album is was clear the duo was “More Than Friends.” Though she would retain her madien name for the release of this and their final album that would follow, their 1976 marriage was common knowledge and they simply became knows as just “Ernie and Debby.”

The album is straight mid-70’s Jesus Music with very worshipful and Evangelical lyrics and safe, yet well crafted pop music. But there were also some hints of what was to come with a more fun, family and child centered musical and lyrical content. This would normally be seen as possibly out of place, but it actually hinted at the fact that the duo would soon leave adult CCM behind them and create a character named Psalty, the Singing Songbook and, in doing so, create the longest running and most successful childrens worship product in CCM. In fact, only Veggie Tales has created a greater response in sales of childrens product in Christian Bookstores.

There are some wonderful songs on this album for its time including the worshipful “New Song Arisin'” and “Psalm 139.” There are some great guest appearances on the album as well by Karen Lafftery, Keith Green and members of Love Song. I was very tempted to include the first “Kids Praise” record with Psalty on this list and now, in retrospect probably should have do so.

  1. Tammy McCarter
    March 1, 2011 at 5:21 am

    I would give anything to find Ernie and Debby’s first album “Friends” I listened to it all the time as a teenager, now I am a Grama. I miss hearing their music.

  2. Dana harding
    October 16, 2013 at 1:22 pm

    How can I find the theme song for the movie “Original Intent” 1992.

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