375. 12 Stones – 12 Stones

12 STONES (2002)

12 Stones

Following on the success of spiritually tinged lyrics of post grunge hard rock bands like Creed, Wind-Up Records signed a few bands with Christian leanings like Big Dismal, Evanescence and 12 Stones. The latter is recorded several albums and garnered some decent success both in and out of the Christian music industry.

Strong, groove induced hard rock with Pearl Jam type baritone vocals and strong Christian content. The band name was taken from the Biblical story of the Israelites building a memorial of twelve stones to remember how God brought them into the promised land. Songs like Broken, The Way I Feel and Home have strong and uncompromising evangelical content though dealing with somber and darker theme to match the content of the music and mission focus of the band.

Several songs from this impressive debut made an impact in the entertainment world with My Life being used in the blockbuster film, The Scorpion King and the hit, “Broken,” was used to promote a major WWE Pay Per View event. The great exposure helped the album achieve gold status and still remains a favorite among Christian hard rock fans.

  1. June 7, 2011 at 2:00 am

    Great debut release from 12 Stones! This placement in the list is about right since it didn’t really have anything new. However, it represented a Christian release of Creed music, and that was good enough for me! 🙂

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