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360. By the Light of the Moon – Los Lobos


Los Lobos

If you do not own this album, shame on you! This is simply one of the most infectious, enjoyable and stirring albums for its time. All that, plus T-Bone Burnett produced it. Combining all aspects of Americana and Mexican music like rock, folk, country, Tex-Mex and some traditional Mexican music like boleros and nortenos, Los Lobos have continued to be an amazing band with a long list of accolades and phenomenal releases. This one is unique in that many songs made their way onto Christian radio.

At the same time this album was released the band also recorded the music for the hit movie, La Bamba, including the title track that went to number one for the band. The name exposure that created catapulted the band into a national spotlight and many Christian found the Roman Catholic spiritually influenced lyrics in a few of the songs captivating.

Mostly the band wrote about what they knew as residents of LA’s Hispanic community and that included family, poverty, strife and a deep-rooted spirituality. That latter would show itself in more than a handful of songs. The most powerful is the albums closer, the ballad “Tear of God.” I was working at KYMS at the time it came out and I remember adding the song to the station and getting a huge response from the listeners. I also was managing Maranatha Village at the time and the album sold quite well.

River of Fools, The Mess We’re In and The Hardest Time all contain a Biblical worldview amongst the stories of family and faith. One Time One Night would appear in the movie “Colors,” and remains a very popular Los Lobos favorite. “Is This All There Is” is a great swing grove tune that decries the poverty and struggles of those in the barrio yet there always appeared a glimmer of hope as the figures in the story continue to “search for the promised land.”

Great album and a no-brainer AYSO!


  1. Shawn McLaughlin
    October 31, 2010 at 11:14 pm

    One of my favorite albums of ALL TIME. Our worship team has done “Tears of God” as special music for easter service.

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