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353. Welcome to the Real World – Mr. Mister


Mr. Mister

This album was huge! I mean really, really huge! Easily one of the biggest albums of 1985-86. It peaked at number one on the sales charts, had three Top 10 singled including two number ones. Born out of session and backing vocal support work, the original four members of Mr. Mister were polished performers, vocalists and musicians well before the release of their first album, I Wear the Face. Two members were also the driving forces behind the 70’s band, Pages.

Lead vocalist Richard Page was offered the lead vocalist jobs for both Chicago and Toto but declined to continue his work with Mr. Mister. It definitely paid off in late 1995 with the release of “Welcome to the Real World.” Fitting squarely in the popular pop/rock genre of the time their sound would appeal to fans of artists like Richard Marx, White Heart, Toto, Chicago and The Front but with just a touch of a more alternative sound, though no where near “new wave” despite the heavy keyboard use at times.

The first single,Broken Wings, slowly worked its way up the radio charts, eventually topping out at the number one position. The bass driven, slow building and haunting melody would not normally be the things hit songs are made of. More passion and atmosphere than hook and groove, the love song presents a Biblical view of love with submission, forgiveness and freedom being the ultimate goal. Initially many Christians responded to the reference to the “Book of Love” that song appeals to. As the song builds the hook that eventually takes over becomes unforgettable.

The second single, Kyrie, was more of an instant hit with a monster chorus, but a very odd tale and message for mainstream radio. Borrowing from the Greek for “Lord Have Mercy,” a phrase used in many traditional denominations liturgy, Kyrie (Eleison), the song is a simply expression of desiring God’s mercy for one another as we travel life’s road. It seems so blatantly Christian, but the chorus is so ridiculously infectious nothing was going to stop this song from being a hit, even such a blatant message. Of course, many Christian radio stations caught on and added the song as well.

The CCM market in certain areas began carrying the record. Page would actually be heard any many Christian artists albums over the years including Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith.  Page’s solo album, Shelter Me,  contains even more spiritual content. But for a year or so in the mid-80’s the biggest band in music was declaring Lord Have Mercy!

  1. Ted Patterson
    October 27, 2010 at 4:07 am

    They had rock and roll in 1885-1886?

  2. Brian
    October 29, 2010 at 9:21 pm

    I am so glad that we have this album listed here
    It was my beach album!

    But not everyone I knew was aware of the Christian influence
    I love when a secular band searched for Christ (Kansas, U2 initially, the Alarm, etc)

    This is still a great one
    Thanks for the inclusion

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