346. Perfecta – Adam Again


Adam Again

Though this is not the best of Adam Again’s amazing discography it is still one of the great recordings in alternative music within the Christian world. But it also remains a poignant and powerful reminder of the greatness of Gene Eugene and a lasting testament as the final album recorded and released before his death.

Perfecta followed Dig, one of the true masterpieces in CCM history and many originally thought the mellower vibe was a disappointment. But as time wore on the listeners began to realize what a potent punch is hidden within the softer frame. Dealing with the his divorce cause Eugene to be more contemplative and introspective and the music and lyrics reveal this struggle. As a result the album is filled with slow building tunes that increase with intensity.

Stone opens as one of the mellowest songs in the bands tenure, but also one of the most melodic. It reveals a man wandering in his mind or on the streets looking hopelessly for what was lost relationally. Christian artists usually do not divulge nights at bars as lyrical fodder, but Adam Again is no ordinary band and Eugene no ordinary songwriter. The cry of just wanting to turn to stone is so real and gut twisting the listener feels the loss.

The basis for Strobe actually started with a friend of Eugene who used to come over late at night and sneak around trying to get into the house studio where Eugene lived and worked. “All You Lucky People” is a personal favorite vocal performance. Many have compared Eugene’s voice to Michael Stipe of REM but I always found an edgier resonance and more diversity of passion from Eugene. Much more can and will be said about the band and man as other related projects are discussed.

  1. January 29, 2012 at 9:48 pm

    Right…not the best of AA but certainly worthy of a place on this list. You really hear the pain of Gene’s divorce on this release. “Stone” is powerful and heartbreaking.

  2. John Rodermond
    March 1, 2012 at 5:58 pm

    Let me start right. Adam Again rocks. I am a loyal fan of their music. Any shred of music that they may release posthumously, I can confidently say I’ll get it. I really liked they brought to the table musically.

    As a follow up to Dig, I initially felt that Perfecta was a disappointment – most significantly Gene’s admission that the lyrics were “under construction.” I have read elsewhere that Gene didn’t find his words to come easy. I get that. Its not an easy task. But, in my opinion, when he did find them – they were extremely potent. And that was my initial misgivings about Perfecta. It was like eating fruit before its season – it hadn’t ripened. I have always wondered what would have been the result if Gene were able to push into it and discover his words. But then this album may never have seen the light of day before his untimely departure.

    Over time I have come to realize that that was MY prejudice. What we have here in Perfecta is a collection of sometimes agonizing laments and other times a humble searching for answers like the Psalmist of old.

    Fortunately the DNA of Adam Again is evident on this recording and the music both drives hard and grooves like we’ve heard Adam Again do so many times before.

    Sorry Gene, for my lack of understanding – I think I’ve finally caught up with you and understand a little better what you were trying to achieve with Perfecta. It sure would be fun to explore this more but I’m sure we’ll have way better things to talk about when we meet again.

  3. J Hanson
    April 12, 2013 at 12:02 pm

    Love AA – overall this album is weaker than most – but Stone may be their best song of all.

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