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338. All Things are Possible – Dan Peek


Dan Peek

After spending most of the 1970’s as a member of one of the biggest bands in music, America, as well as years in recreational drug use, drinking, parting and living the rock and roll lifestyle, Dan Peek  returned to the faith of his youth. In late 1977 Peek left America for a Christian lifestyle and, eventually, a solo career. This compelling story is chronicled in his autobiography, An American Band.

Peek signed with Pat Boone owned Lamb and Lion Records and released his first solo project which is the subject of the discussion here. I should note as a sidebar that Christian Rock fans are indebted to Pat Boone and Lamb and Lion Records. Though primarily a label for Church music and his family it was responsible for signing and releasing the debut albums from DeGarmo & Key, Jerusalem, Dogwood, James Ward, Ulf Christianson and Gary Chapman.

Peek released the album in 1979 and it was an immediate hit with the title track topping the CCM charts for several months. In fact, the song became such a hit that Billboard reporting station in the Adult Contemporary format started playing it and it charted there as well. The song was right in there with mid to late 70’s pop with lush string arrangements and big hooky chorus accentuated by Peek’s pristine falsetto. The song received a Grammy nomination as well and remains a classic in CCM history.

The album also contains the last recording with his band America on “Love Was Just Another Word.” Not surprisingly the song is also the most like America of any song on the album though “Lighthouse” and “Ready for Love” come close.. “Divine Lady” was also a hit and is the same vein but with more of a jazz feel and saxophone support. “One Way” is the one rocker on the album, a style Peek would not revisit much until his final Christian release, Electrovoice.

Unfortunately for Peek there would be a five year break between this smash debut and his follow-up album and all the momentum gained from this release was lost. Also, music seemed to pass him by on the second album, which sounds too much like the first but five years later.

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