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317. The Painter – John Michael Talbot and Terry Talbot


John Michael and Terry Talbot

Reunited for the first time since several albums together at The Talbot Bothers and as members of the famed Mason Profitt band, the modern Protestant evangelical Terry Talbot and Roman Catholic Monk John Michael Talbot created a record for the ages. Taking Terry’s more soulful and pop approach and combining it with John Michael’s more liturgical and classical approach created a more thoughftul record for Terry and a more accissible record for John Michael.

What many do not realize because of the robes and liturgical flair to his music is that John Michael Talbot is one of the finest musicians in CCM. His acoustic guitar work has no rival. He ca play nearly all stringed instruments and a host of others as well. He is a brilliant musicians and phenomenal songwriter. But is by combining with his brother than many discovered his immense talents.

The album contains many songs still sung today in Churches around the world (both Catholic and Protestant) like “Wonderful Counselor” and “The Mystery.” The album is clearly memorable and a wonderful expression of artistry that many Protestants seldom, if ever, come in contact with. The only real downside to the album is that it is less than 30 minutes long as many of the liturgical songs of John Michael Talbot are quite short.

One other note: Talbot also toured a few years later with Reformed musician, Michael Card, causing quite a stir in many evangelical circles.

  1. Shawn McLaughlin
    November 2, 2010 at 6:52 am

    The a cappella, “Create in Me” is about as beautiful as music gets.

  2. Steve Greenfield
    February 27, 2015 at 4:47 am

    I can’t believe you left off John Michael Talbot’s debut album. 500 albums and you forgot this one?

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