320. Armistice – MuteMath



The greatest Christian live band on the planet! The core of the band was part of Earthsuit, a great band that will also appear on this list, that only released two albums and never caught on in CCM like they should have. Like MuteMath they were leaps and bounds ahead of the CCM world (and the mainstream world for that matter) and never found a home despite an amazing debut project.

MuteMath has two full length projects to the name, along with a handful of EP’s and specialty projects, and both will appear on this project. Armistice, the most recent release, is a bit more “commercial” than the debut and though it doesn’t quite have the passion and presence of the debut, it is an incredible project on its own.

The music of MuteMath is somewhat difficult to define. Psychedelic/indies/pop/reggae/synth/new wave/electronica doesn’t quite fully describe this amazing band’s use of technology, instruments and the creative process.  The fusion of the above and more creates such an original sound that definitions have been hard to come up with and one must wonder if that difficulty extends to the record company and radios ability to determine just where the band fits.

Lyrically the band combines philosophical and spiritual themes while never sound preachy or decidedly evangelical. The worldview beliefs are present but one must not think they are picking up the latest Newsboys album here. But for the one who wants to dig deeper and discover more about themselves and the world they live in will be rewarded.

That aside, any real fan of rock music has not lived until they have witness this band live!

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