303. Fallen – Evanescence

FALLEN (2003)


Evanescence’s “Fallen” holds a unique distinction of being one of only a few album to have sold over 15 million copies without ever topping the Billboard album sales chart. Despite spending over a year in the Top 20, the album peaked at number 3. That long, slow build helped establish the band as one of the most important and significant bands of the 2000’s.

Formed at a “youth camp” in the mid-90’s, best friends Amy Lee and Ben Moody began singing and writing together over the next several year, joined later by an amazing keyboardist, David Hodges. They would eventually be signed by Wind-Up Records, the same label that sported Creed, Big Dismal and 12 Stones.

Undeniable spiritual and Christian themes (despite the best attempts to deny it by Lee), the band was immediately embraced by young Christian hard music fans. the Gothic, metal influences were softened by Lee’s beautiful and stunning voice and Moody’s brilliant pop music songwriting skills. Hodges would leave soon after the release of the album and Moody not a long time afterward.

But for this one album the perfect combination of theme, musician, performance and passion collided for a nearly perfect album for the genre. Though labeled initially as a Goth band there are actually more influences of Meatloaf’s theatrical arrangements than anything else, especially the powerful and haunting ballads.

The initial hit single “Bring Me To Life” featured a guest vocal by 12 stone lead vocalist, Paul McCoy. the single drove the initial sales of the album with monstrous airplay, video play and marketing usage (WWE). Tourniquet is actual a cover of a song by Soul Embrace, a band that former drummer Rocky Gray was a member of. The song has a distinctly Christian message regarding suicide.

Many of the songs are inspired by literary figures or actual short stories written by Moody. These short stories may or may not match the eventual theme of the song, but rather served as an inspiration. Moody would take this way of writing into his own solo career, most notably a wonderful album called All For This.

  1. Greenchili
    March 8, 2011 at 3:19 pm

    Was just listening to this album the other day. Absolutely loved it!

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