304. Teenage Politics – MxPx



Long before the proliferation of pop punk bands dominated the Christan Music scene Tooth and Nail records broke the mold by signing and releasing the Bremerton, Washington band, MxPx. Formerly known as Magnified Plaid, the band released several albums for Tooth and Nail before signing a big time record deal with A&M Record.

Fans of NOFX and Green Day were instant fans as there was a limited supply of realistic and authentic pop punk rock at the time. Big Christian labels were still think big hair glam metal was cool and the smaller, independent labels were discovering death metal and grind core. Punk rock was just outside of the rader. Except the radar of Brandon Ebel of Tooth and Tail.

While many bands hit a “sophomore jinx” with their second release (assumingly using up all their good songs on the debut), MxPx went the opposite direction by maturing as musicians and songwriters with Teenage Politics. As still teens that had just graduated from high school, the band knew of what they spoke. Songs were all about girls, independence, girls, school troubles, punk rock and girls.

“Do and Don’t” looks at the struggles of not knowing what one wants to do with their life after high school and yet having to go to college and make those decisions before being ready. The title track deals with the struggle of communication between parent and child, yet realizing at the end that the child is a lot more like their parents than they ever believed.

The album also contains their most popular song, Punk Rawk Show. Two and half minutes of good old fashioned punk rock about going to a punk rock show. It may not be Kierkegaard, bit it still kicks! MxPx was never afraid of being who they were at the time of their lives. They were a punk band that liked punk rock. No hidden agenda or propaganda. Just punk rock. It’s one of the reasons I have always respected them. they always act, play and write just about who they are.



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