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296. Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream – Mason Proffit


Mason Proffit

Mason Proffit is what happens when Nashville has no influence whatsoever on country music. It’s perfectly pitched content, mature and sophisticated arrangements, staggeringly stunning lyrics and nearly flawless execution makes “Last Night I Had the Strangest Dreams” one of the true classics in the genre. The album may actually be the least successful release from the band, but ends up being the best they ever offered.

John Michael and Terry Talbot were leading voices in the band and few CCM fans would ever recognize this fact. The album is filled with longing steel guitar, anguished mandolin and any number of melancholy and heartfelt musical expressions.

Though possessing some great loves song there is a real absence of “trucks, guns and bar fights” to be found within its lyrics. Perhaps it is because the band was formed in Chicago that there is nothing sounding “Nashville” like. It is also not the LA country most noted during the time period. There is more Dylan and Grateful Dead than Poco and the Eagles.

There are so many wonderful gems on this project that it would be longer than what I am allowing to give for space to comment on them all. One highlight though worth considering is Jewel. This heartfelt and painful tune tells the story of an abused black woman in a white man’s world. Whether set in a slave setting or simply in a modern office, the truth of the story rings authentic and powerful.

It would be difficult to track a copy of this album down, but it would be well worth the effort. A serious and unqualified AYSO!

  1. y2daddy
    January 26, 2012 at 3:56 pm

    Amazon has this album now; Itunes might, I didn’t check. I am a huge John Michael Talbot fan so I am glad this album is getting some recognition.

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