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290. Everything That’s On My Mind – Charlie Peacock


Charlie Peacock

The first of several albums on this list from Charlie Peacock, Everything That’s On My Mind remains one of Peacock’s most accessible and “pop” records to date. Filled with radio friendly hits and wonderful musical expressions, Peacock here shows that popular or accessible does not necessarily mean “sell out” or determinative lack of creativity.

To underestimate Peacocks import in CCM is too often too easy. Not only has he brought a significantly more creative edge to the genre, he has produced, mentored and developed an industry worth of important and long lasting artists. He also maintains an incredible legacy of personal and professional integrity and solid and Biblical doctrinal stand in life and music.

“One Man gets Around” shows Peacock’s often hidden humorous side as he explored the unbelievable diverse impact Jesus has had on all walks of life in all areas of the globe…even Nashville. “Inside Out, Upside Down” and its jangly Kinks influenced guitars reminds the listener that living in the world without the cross is futile and reverses the created order.

When Peacock branches into more artistic fair the results are staggering. “My Father’s Crown” describes the feelings of the loss of a father loved and admired. More importantly it addresses the importance of father’s life has on the eternal destiny of his child.

A personal favorite is “Monkey’s at the Zoo.” The Beatlesque (think Hey Jude) number has a great slow moving groove and killer bridge that shows a more passionate Peacock vocal rarely displayed. It is also one of the more transparent and revealing songs in Peacock’s repertoire as the “confessional” builds into repentance.

This album is often overlooked by Peacock fans because it is less “artsy” than many releases that followed and preceded it. This is to their peril as it remains a strong work and worthy of inclusion.

  1. James
    November 10, 2010 at 12:02 am

    Actually I think this is my overall favorite Peacock album! “Monkeys At The Zoo” is in my view his best song-“Nothing can ever take the place of a piece of God!”
    One of the most straightforward stabs at materialism ever committed to pen!

    “William & Maggie” is another often overlooked highlight for me as well, as are all of the songs you mentioned here!

    My other two favorite Peacock releases that I’m looking forward to seeing where you place them on your list are the 1986 self titled crossover attempt with Island Records and the now classic and controversial, “Love Life.”

  2. Brian
    November 18, 2010 at 11:22 am

    MONKEYS AT THE ZOO – This was a big radio hit and the local radio DJ’s favorite song so it was played often. But I love ONE MAN GETS AROUND with the line “More famous than the Beatles” taking a shot at Lennon’s infamous quote.

    A wonderful collection of songs from a favorite artist.
    His best song ever (bar none) is IN THE LIGHT. It exemplifies the style Charlie would produce on this album (all of them really) – straight forward honest poet.

  3. Jon
    March 10, 2011 at 5:45 am

    Yep, this one deserves including simply because of “In The Light”. The fact that the rest of the album is also fantastic is just a nice bonus.

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