280. Decisions – The Winans


The Winans

The first family of Gospel music, the Winans, are responsible for some of the most successful acts in the industry’s history. BeBe & CeCe, Vicki, Angie & Debbie and, of course, the four brothers that really started it all. Over two decades of incredibly successful albums both in the Gospel and mainstream markets afforded the quartet a huge and loyal fan base.

After several successful albums on Light Records the group signed to Qwest Records and released several widely received and critically acclaimed albums. Of those album, Decisions stands out as a shining example of exactly how to take the Gospel into the mainstream and maintain artistic and ministry integrity.

Decisions some very strong radio support with several singles, especially the album’s lead track, “Ain’t No Need to Worrry,” a duet with the incomparable Anita Baker. Baker was also riding a wave of mainstream success of her own at the time and the timing of the singles release could not have been better for the group. The Williams Brothers also sang backing vocals on the song.

Also featured as a single from the same album was a duet with Doobie Brother lead vocalist, Michael McDonald, “Love Has No Color.” McDonald’s bluesy soulful voice was a perfect fit with the group and remains one of the most memorable tracks.

I have two versions of the album. The first included a cover of Elton John’s “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me.” It was quickly reissued with a Christmas song replacing the John tune. I can only assume there were some copyright issues, but never did discover the real story.

The album released right before Decisions (Let Me People Go) and right after (The Return) are equally deserving of inclusion on this list and, in hindsight, should have been included. That being said all three are worthy albums and would qualify as AYSO.

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