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281. More Than the Look of Love – Kyle Henderson


Kyle Henderson

After making a name for himself as the leader of the cool, underground, new wave band The Producers, Kyle Henderson became a Christian, left the band and recorded one album for the Christian Music industry. He released the one album on Kerry Livgren’s short-lived label Kerygma. Henderson then disappeared from CCM altogether.

But that one album was filed with ten great songs, if not a bit too sparsely produced. Christian radio was generally receptive to this debut and several singles charted. The album was released with a sticker that noted his experience in The Producers.

Fans of the Producers were probably somewhat disappointed as the album did not really reflect the music of the classic new wave band, but rather had more in common with Bryan Adams and Benny Hester while his vocals have a Steve Perry (Journey) quality to it. The lyrics were rather common, especially among new Christian in the industry as their earlier releases of “cross over” albums tend to be more direct and testimonial in nature. The same is true here.

highlights include the title track, Gift of Grace, Renaissance and the radio hit, Beautiful People. One song of note “He’s Coming Back.” I bring this song up because the production and instrumentation is for some reason superior to the rest of the album and no where near as thin sounding as the rest.

As mentioned already the style was more middle American rock and roll like Richard Marx and Bryan Adams with heavy saxophone presence and unfortunately thin production. I have always wondered what would have happened if the album was more successful or how his career may have gone if he continued within the CCM industry.

  1. Jerrid
    November 17, 2010 at 4:07 am

    Love this album, and so pleased to see it here. Underated then and now.

  2. Brian
    November 18, 2010 at 11:46 am

    Kyle Henderson is an enigma for sure, The talent is unquestioned as I called him the Christian Steve Perry. A friend once quoted to me upon hearing this album, “Man, we need music like this!” He was a pastor’s son, so the impact of KH was not lost on me. Almost every song was worthy of listening in arrangement if not in production.

    I caught up with him recently as he has been performing live out at one of the attractions here in Orlando. He is definitely conflicted and not living a Christina life, even referring to his time recording this album as a difficult experience and a mistake.

    He would go on to say that his recording sessions were filled with tension. There were two guys one who didn’t know what he was doing (referring to Kerry’s early recording skills) and the jerk (producer) who was always making him work on this album pushing him to record it timely. I took it that Kyle was dragging his feet a bit on the project.

    He did say that he had interesting conversations (spiritually) with Kyle but got the distinct impression that Kerry’s worldview was too conservative for his own taste.

    I still love this project, and Kyle did some backing vocals work on at least one AD album for Kerry if not two.

    I purchased KH’s latest album and his voice is still excellent. He has lost nothing except maybe his faith. It was a sad revelation for me.

  3. Greenchili
    October 19, 2011 at 10:39 am

    Definitely hear a little Bryan Adams in there..

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