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285. Scrolls of the Megilloth – Mortification



I love horror movies. I am not scared easily and often find humor when other jump in fear. I enjoy a good scare and my daughter and I can’t wait for the opening night of Scream 4.

But I never listen to Mortification’s “Scrolls of the Megilloth” when home alone at night!

The band was formed after the disbanding of the band Lightforce, which barely missed making this list. It is primarily the brainchild of bassist and vocalist Steve Rowe who would survive a bout with cancer that included a failed bone marrow transplant. They have survived changes in musical taste and countless member changes, but continue to be the most important band in the genre.

This is the heaviest, loudest, fastest and most terrifying album on this list…and possibly in the history of CCM. Very fast guitars that are only a notch behind the drum speed and pounding, grinding and thrashing vocals. The vocals are the most indistinguishable, unidentifiable and horror inducing ever recorded.The drumming on Eternal lamentation is some of the fastest I have ever heard.

Like most death core metal albums the lyrics are filled with foreboding drama of death, pain, suicide, the occult and violence, and yet all from a very distinctly Christian perspective. Songs deal with the reality of spiritual warfare and the dangers associated with seances and seeking the dead.

The title track deals with the five scrolls of Ruth, Esther, Lamentations, Song of Slomon and Ecclesiastes that were regularly read aloud to Israel during times of festivals. Lead vocalist Steve Rowe attended Bible College and would regularly use lessons learned in the writings of his songs.

One of the great ironies of the band is that Rowe is a very sweet-natured, humble and soft spoken individual, while his on stage and vocal persona could not be further from that.


  1. y2daddy
    January 28, 2012 at 1:07 pm

    This is my “in an aggressive mood and need to blow off steam” album. One of the best Christian metal albums of all time.

  2. Brent Johnson
    May 9, 2014 at 4:56 pm

    Not to disagree, much, but the vocals aren’t the most indistiguishable……that would be Vengeance Rising. I went through a death metal phase and the only band that survives of that ilk is Morty. Lyrics are actually deep.

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