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264. Snakes in the Playground – Bride



The best Christian metal album for its time. Maybe ever. Not the heaviest. Not the most inventive or creative. Not the best produced. Just the best.

Raunchy rock and roll in the vein of Guns N Roses with Dale Thompson’s most gutty or “guttery(?)” vocals. Production quality was actually quite stong given the limitations of most CCM metal budgets. Guitar work is fun and hook driven. But really it’s about the songs. Great songs!

So much of Christian rock at the time (pre Tooth and Nail) was so sanitized and poorly produced to get past the gatekeeper youth pastors who were also trying to get it past the parents and keep their jobs. There was plenty of fringe bands and big hair bands but very little hard rock.

This album was Bride’s “Appetite for Destruction.” Not only because of the comparisons to GnR but also because of how everything just came to gether with an amazing collection of songs, a perfect unity of focus and purpose and simply a kick ass album. Like every great rock album it sounded live and real.

With this album Bride also enlisted a serious A-list of guests on the album. Dez Dickerson, Rick Elias, Rick Florian, Peter Furler and others all make contributions. There was serious pre-production owrk on this album as every song seems to be a perfect fit without a single dud. Even the ballad “I Miss the Rain” works without sounding too much like the normal Cinderella or Poison power ballad.

A great album filled with a ton of hits that actually still sounds great nearly two decades later.


  1. June 7, 2011 at 2:58 am

    Snakes in the Playground was their crowning achievement. Kinetic Faith had a couple of good hits, but I really couldn’t get into any of the other CD’s from Bride. But I still have most of the Snake songs in my iTunes rotation.

  2. williemaysfield
    January 17, 2017 at 11:38 pm

    Snakes is a great hard rock album but “this is it” gets more spins from my iPod.

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