266. Southpaw – Precious Death


Precious Death

Fusing metal, hard core, post-grunge and funk into an original and progressive delight of hard music. Lyrically strong with more of a theological acumen then most bands and deeper insight most definitely.

Led by vocalist Chris Scott (Neiswonger) the band made a name for itself in the LA area for a few years before signing with Crystal Lewis’ Metro One Records. They would release several albums there but no9ne could really match the creativity, passion and flat out progressive execution of Southpaw.

Scott’s vocals really set the band apart. His range was unbelievable going from low, guttural grunge influenced to high, soaring and screaming efficiency. All of that range would be noted here on this project as the musically diverse, yet utterly consistent record remains one of the classics in CCM hard music.

The album starts with the title track, a slower, straight ahead grunge infused hard rock tune. Then a drastic switch with Shine, infusing Red Hot Chili Pepper type funk and soul with an aggressive musical and vocal attack. These two songs identify the two extremes on the album with most songs fitting somewhere in between.

One exception is No-Can-Do which adds the above styles with a speed metal influence in the vein of Metallica. There would be hints of this as well spiced throughout the album. The sheer joy is just how well these diverse and normally incompatible styles blend so well to create a cohesive whole.

No hard music fans collection is complete without this album and even those outside the primary fan base will find something here to love.


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