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269. The Pillars of Humanity – The Crucified


The Crucified

Has there ever been a better thrash metal/punk album ever recorded?


This album is nearly perfect and shows a mature and powerful band at their very best and, unfortunately, at their very end. At their very beginning the band was a speed punk band and the early demos have been released and re-released over the years/ But it was with The Pillars of Humanity that the band hit their stride by merging the spped punk style with a progressive thrash metal that was just tremendous.

In a way, the band was a who’s who for the genre and each member followed The Crucified with several very successful projects. Guitarist Greg Minier actual released two side projects while the band was still together with Minier and Applehead. The latter barely missed making this list and most likely deserved to be included. Bassist Jeff Bellew would start Chatterbox and later join vocalist Mark Salomon in Stavesacre.

But while together for their too few releases they created and defined a genre. And with TPOH they redefined the genre and became trailblazers and the standard by which every single band within the genre would be judged. Hard, fast, heavy and amazing still able to maintain melody, hook and groove.

Lyrically less evangelical and preachy than the earlier releases with more social commentary and Church indictment themes. The calls to repentance are as self directed as they are toward the lost. This one album more than just about any other from the genre is the one other musicians and band members point to as the inspiration for doing what they do. It’s just that good!

  1. ted patterson
    November 19, 2010 at 6:35 am

    I remember hearing them do a cover of Resurrection Band’s “Alienated.” That thing smoked !!!

  2. Brent Johnson
    May 9, 2014 at 5:09 pm

    Sweatiest concert I ever saw. A group of 100 seemed like a crowd of 1,000 and the Crucified played like their lives depended on it.

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