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262. A Letter From St. Paul – The Silencers


The Silencers

Not only does this album possess one of the truly great album covers of all time (beauty in simplicity) there is not a single song on here worthy of being skipped. Jangly and atmospheric guitars, diving rhythms, sultry and subtle vocals and poignant and pinpoint lyrics.

The Scottish quartet was formed out of the demise of a cool punk band called the Fingerprintz. They are still making records today, but nothing has come close to this amazing debut. Though not as aggressive as Simple Minds there is a similar quality though Del Amitri, The proclaimers and a softer version of Big Country would also work for a starting point.

There are constant familiar images the modern Christian alternative fan could appreciate and the diversity in themes is impressive. “I Can’t Cry” is one of the best songs dealing with abortion I ever recall. The inner turmoil expressed is difficult and utterly believable. This not a song of condemnation, but rather of one where the protagonist is looking for help and reaching out to find no support.

Songs like God’s Gift, Painted Moon and I See Red keep the same musical experiencing going with an unforgettable drive. They drone you into a helpless state and draw you in more than pound you ever the ears with hook and melody. There is a simplicity that goes deeper then initially thought.

It is interesting to do a web search fopr this album and discover not a ton of results, but in every case there is a rave review. They may not have a large fan base, but the cult like status is filled with fans, like me, who are just continually amazed how such an impressive band went unnoticed.

  1. BrettC
    April 3, 2011 at 3:05 pm

    Thanks David, I didn’t know about this one. After some searching I found a copy and it’s great. Definitly a keeper.

  2. Mick Haupt (Orlando designer)
    April 14, 2013 at 2:51 pm

    Truly a diamond in the rough. I loved this band and all their releases. I too was amazed that no one I ever talked about music with ever heard about the Silencers. I do think “A Blues for Buddha,” their second album was better, but this first album was breathtakingly fresh enough to keep me coming back for more. A great pick into the top 500. Thanks for noticing it.

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