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256. Something I Believe In – Denny Correll


Denny Correll

If there was a more soulful voice in CCM I can’t tell you who it belongs to. Perhaps Russ Taff comes close, but Taff has a much more southern and country soul inflection while Correll’s voice was pure soul and guts. A dynamic range with no limits, Correll started his music career with Blues Image before becoming a Christian in the late 60’s and spending a brief time with Love Song before the relase of their first album, In fact, the popular Love Song tune, “Chamges” was penned by Correll.

Correll then joined the band Manna before leaving to begin a brief, but successful career in CCM primarily on the Myrrh label. His first album, Standing in the Light was one of the last contemporary releases from Maranatha Music before the label went primarily into worship and children’s music.

Each album featured contemporary soul sound with big inspirational ballads balancing the more funk and soul grooves. As great as the ballads were (and several were stellar), it is the mid-tempo pop numbers that are most recognizable and memorable. It is where Correll’s sultry style was most effective. these numbers were also helped along with a stellar line-up including John Mehler, Jay Truax, Harlan Rogers, Beau MacDoogal and a host of others.

The album kicks of a with George Benson inspired “Wake Up Everybody” that shows off Correll’s voice in the best light. “Two Many Lonely People” is the finest ballad on the album and the ending vamp is just too good and the song fades too soon. The albums best song and biggest hit, “Jesus is Everywhere” would sound just as comfortable on an early Andrea Crouch release.

Correll would record another album for Myrrh and one for his original label, Marantha, in the early 90’s before ending his recording career. Ten years later Correll would pass away from heart failure at the much too young age of 56. Now some 20 years after his highest peak as an artist Correll deserves to be recognized for his exceptional artistic achievements, undeniably powerful voice and heart for ministry. I have never heard his name attached to a Gospel Music Hall of fame and that is a shame. I hope to one day be corrected.

  1. Greg Whitehead
    February 28, 2011 at 9:27 am

    I couldn’t have said it better, this man was gifted with an extraordinary voice, and from what I’ve read had a real heart in evangelism to tell ‘the lonely people” about Jesus. His Lp’s are all first rate.

  2. Jon
    March 10, 2011 at 6:05 am

    Rest In Peace, Denny….

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