248. Blue Pony – Julie Miller

BLUE PONY (1997)

Julie Miller

When an artists makes several appearances on this list it may seem difficult to not repeat the same information and exclamations, but with Julie Miller there is so much to be said. her depth, quality, integrity and artistic fervor is nearly unequaled.

On “Blue Pony” we find a more folky or country driven Miller. Very acoustic and methodical the album tends to roll through rather than jump and bounce. It is one of those truly rare occurrences in music when the same album can serve as background and as foreground. One can let it play without notice or sit with lyric sheet in hand a dissect every word and note.

Emmylou Harris once again makes an appearance here as does Valerie Carter. Buddy not only contributes but continues to be an integral part of the musical recording process in writing, recording and performing. There are touches of both traditional “cowboy” music and contemporary country and the blend works flawlessly. The combination puts her in this unique alt-country Americana type style a la Victoria Williams.

Very few artists have ever maintained such a long-lasting level of integrity to their art and even fewer have done so with such incredible results.

  1. June 17, 2011 at 7:28 pm

    I listened to this album for the first time in my life today. I know that it’s gonna be one of my favorite albums some day. Julie’s voice is awesome. Although this is more country-influenced than her earlier albums and maybe the word “God” isn’t sung in every song – I believe it was a CCM album of its time – despite what AMG says.

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