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250. Watercolour Ponies – Wayne Watson


Wayne Watson

I used to joke about a musical malady called “Wayne Watsonitis.” The symptoms were that everyone knows my songs but no one knows my name. While working in retail I would play Wayne Watson music in store as it was contemporary enough not to kill me and not too upbeat as to offend the blue haired TBN shoppers at the store. The most often heard phrase was, “I love that song, who does it?”

No album fit the profile for Watson quite like Watercolour Ponies. It was filled with hit after hit after hit. Nearly every song made some sort of radio countdown list and every song was released on accompaniment track for use in Churches. Even the nearly 7 minute opening track (I Still Believe) was a hit.  the first single, Material magic, opened the floodgates of radio success with his great voice on top of something Peter Cetera would record.

But it would be unfortunate and simply inaccurate to equate Watson’s success on radio with trite or simplistic lyrical content. What made Watson so intriguing and worthy of placement here was his ability to write songs that were immediately accessible, incredible memorable and deeply insightful.

The title track talks of the struggle every parent goes through as their children grow up and move on and what happens to the marital relationship. This song would introduce a young Susan Rae Hill on backing vocals. She would soon change her name to Susan Ashton and record her first album.

The biggest hit would be “Freind of a Wounded heart.” Here Watson carefully walks a fine line between “Inspirational” and contemporary with a huge and powerful chorus. The song also shows off Watson’s impressive and dynamic vocal range.

One final song to note is “Would I Know You Now.” Watson here is accompanied only by piano and examines the question as to whether the Church (or individual) would recognize Jesus if he walked into the room. has the Church so misrepresented the reality and nature of Christ to the point where He would be unrecognizable. Very emotional and riveting in its simplicity and impact.

Watson created several fine albums over his career, but Watercolour Ponies was like a perfect storm of songs, artist and a CCM market receptive to the release.

  1. Greenchili
    March 8, 2011 at 4:39 pm

    I have to admit this album had some good ones including “Friend Of A Wounded Heart”. Although I felt Wayne Watson’s vocaly was to weak for some of the songs. His Christmas album is great.

    Anywho.. please explain what a “blue haired TBN shoppers” is..


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